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Gunter Berton, a veteran of the Imperial Knights Corps, sighed as he sat at the dining chair in Viscount Diamanns annex.

‘I must have sinned in my past life.

He was not as competent as Sid Bian or Gaius Leifer.

He had his own sense of justice and fairness, but lacked the ability to carry it out during difficult situations.

He was only suitable to manage small troops or small estates.

As the second son of a baron, he had no title, but had the experience of managing an estate on behalf of his father.

Gunter experienced war when he was young, and almost got caught up in a revolt.

In fact, he often faced retaliation for refusing to join.

He staunchly followed one rule after being near deaths door several times.

‘Lets live a long life.

Although he always admired heroes, he knew his aptitude, talent and situation very well.

He knew that neutrality was the only way to live a long life.

When Gaius Leifer ascended the throne and numerous power shifts occurred within the imperial family, Gunter survived both major and minor conflicts without siding with anyone.

Even when Leifer prevailed and seized the imperial throne, he kept a moderate distance.

He did as many reports he needed to do and only carried out his duties.

However, he did not help the opposing party.

Thats why he hadnt been promoted in a long time.

While his junior who tried to earn Petra Leifers favor got promoted to deputy commander of first knights and second knights, he was constantly put on the backburner.

After countless neglections, now he was in charge of escorting the princess to the rough land.

‘Now Im really going to retire and farm on my brothers estate.

He always accepted his situation with modesty.

In fact, escorting the princess wasnt that hard.

Shes wasnt picky, and although there were bandits, she wasnt afraid of them because she saw that they had lousy skills.

It was quite comfortable and pleasant considering the payment.

‘Lets finish my last job as a knight without any problem and retire cleanly.

That was his plan.

So when he lost the princess, Gunter felt like the world was turning upside down.

‘Its stained the peace that Ive been protecting so intensely.

Of course, he was naturally compassionate and was genuinely worried about the princess safety.

So Gunter went to the viscounts residence to ask for help, but he was just an arrogant guy who drove the knights into his annex and pretended to look for the princess.

He wanted to search independently but he didnt know anything about Lishan.

His fellow knights didnt help much either, only concerned with pointing fingers at each other rather than finding the princess.

He knew it was rich coming from a guy like him, but it was a little disgusting that no one was genuinely worried about the young princess disappearance.

“Sorry, Veronica! I was going to retire honorably and take you on a trip with my retirement pay!” He couldnt hold back his despair and banged the table, calling the name of his wife who wasnt there.

But his misfortune wasnt over, and he felt someones presence behind his back during his shameful moment.

“Lo-Lord Berton…”

As he looked back, he saw Ryan, his junior knight.

His face was red as if he had come to deliver urgent news.

“Uh, uhm! Whats the matter” Gunter tugged his moustache.

Dammit, Ryan was famous for his big mouth.

Gunter distanced himself from that guy, not because of bad feelings or anything, but because he spouted so much nonsense that neither the Emperor nor the Leifer family wanted him.

However, Ryan didnt seem to be interested in Gunter Bertons dramatic monologue at the moment.

“Her Royal Highness the Princess is looking for me and Sir Berton.”

“What” Gunter, who doubted his ears.


“She came to this residence just a while ago.”

“Wheres the viscount”

“Uh… I dont know.

Sir Sid Bian delivered the news himself.”


It was ridiculous that the first person to be notified of this wasnt the viscount.

But that wasnt important now.

Her Royal Highness the Princess is back!!

If God was being generous and the Princess werent seriously injured and her limbs were still intact, then he could ease the guilt of failing to protect her.

In addition, he might still get his honorable retirement.


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