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When Tanya ran away to dance with a boy her age, he shook his head and slipped away from the crowd.

He was going to check on Apollonia and watch from afar, but he couldn’t see where she had gone.

‘Why can’t I see her’

For a moment, his heart sank.

Did he lose her in the midst of that silly confession

He looked around and walked further away from the crowd.

Still, he couldn’t find her.

Soon, when Uriel’s back bumped against a large rock, a familiar calm voice was heard from behind

“Did you get dumped for having no experience”

Uriel turned around but saw nobody.

He quickly went to the other side of the rock

There was Apollonia sitting in a place where she could see but not be seen.

She looked like a golden fairy in white with a lyra lying next to her.

“Why are you here…” He couldn’t finish his sentence at the sight of the brightest smile he had ever seen on her face.

“Good to see you! Uriel!”

Her tone was strangely soft.

Her eyes were crinkled in a beautiful crescent moon eye smile, cheeks also more flushed than usual.

“…Are you drunk”

Apollonia shook her head twice vigorously.

“No way! I’m the descendant of Apollo, so I drink well…”

“Have you ever had alcohol before”


Uriel approached and sat close to her.

The two were completely hidden behind the large white rock.

There was a sweet scent in the air.

It was definitely alcohol.

“You might get hurt if you get drunk.”

Apollonia’s clothes were quite thin.

Uriel took off his robe and covered her exposed shoulders.

“Let’s return…”

“Uriel, do you know how to play the lyra”

Apollonia continued to smile brightly, golden eyes glimmering in the moonlight.

They had sparked with flame when she was dealing with Viscount Diamann, but now they were reminiscent of a beautiful sunset.

Uriel felt dizzy every time he saw her smile.

He was not drunk, but his heart was beating a little faster.

“I don’t know how to play.”

“But I do.” Apollonia tilted her head slightly as if to see if he thought she was joking or speaking nonsense.

“My mother taught me.”

Her sunset eyes were downcast.

“I’m not as talented as my mother.

She liked music more than politics,” Apollonia muttered.

It was the first time the story of Princess Elenia came out of her mouth.

No, it was the second time.

In Tanya’s house she had said, “You can be assasinated even if you’re not interested in politics,” so it must have been about her mother.

He glanced at her to see her expression just in case, but fortunately she didn’t look depressed, despite the slight longing in her voice.

He had never seen her appear as such before, and so a corner of Uriel’s heart started tingling.

“Then… Do you like politics better”

Apollonia shrugged her shoulders.

“I’ve never thought about it in the first place.

My grandfather personally raised me because he was worried that I would become like my mother.

He taught me to always think about the empire, and that I shouldn’t get too engrossed in anything else.”

“I heard as much from Sid.

Except for swordsmanship, there’s no field you haven’t mastered.”

He recalled Apollonia swinging a whip at Viscount Diamann.

It wasn’t just a haphazard swing.

Her timing and positioning were precise.

She knew how to instill fear in people

“That’s because… it was hard to learn.”

“It’s hard to follow a difficult lesson.” Uriel spoke from the bottom of his heart.

Apollonia only shook her head.

“Well, I think my mother was stronger.

She went against grandfather’s will and lived for romance.

My mother even dreamed of meeting her loved one and leaving the palace.

But, well, you know the ending.”

There was no sadness or anger in her voice; she probably already had ample time to sort out her feelings.

“Were you close with your mother”


I liked my mother.” Apollonia took something out of her sleeve as she answered.

“I couldn’t even protect what she had given me, but if she ever saw this, she would have scolded me, right”

The moment he saw the red jewel in her hand, Uriel’s eyes widened.

It was the ruby headpiece that she brought out on Mt.


“Is that… a memento”

“Yes, it was one of many.”

Apollonia said with a small sigh.

Once again, the longing from before colored her voice.


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