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Take off your pin and replace it.

What if you stand out more than I do when youre also wearing a sapphire pin”

Bianca, who had never neglected mental and physical training, thought Apollonia was acting like a vain, fragile child.

“What the maids of the imperial women should be aware of is their masters jealousy.

It would be possible for you to bring glory to your family as long as you avoid being too pretty and intelligent.”

Apollonia had no wicked side, but seemed to be very conscious of the maids outfits.

Before the banquet, she even gave Bianca clothes to wear, a dress that was a little modest, with a mix of light green and dark green.

It was clear that Apollonia was determined to stand out on her own, as she wore a flashy purple outfit.

Bianca sighed inwardly.

It was not an easy task for her to find a good husband while maintaining her duty as the princess maid..

However, this naive princess did not know that there were people who sometimes looked better with simple dresses than with heavy makeup and flashy dresses.

Like Bianca herself who looked stunning in green.

She glanced sideways at Apollonia.

She thought she stood out more than the princess in a heavily jeweled dress that made her look older than her age.

‘After these tedious errands are over, I have to find someone I like.

Bianca regained her spirit and nodded.

“Then I will put it on.”

“No, wait a minute, I prefer your maternal grandparents pattern, the Levine Family.

The one in the shape of a sword.

Do you bring that too”

“Yes, Your Highness.

I will do as you said.” She took a deep breath and sighed irritatedly, changed her hairpin, and approached Eckart.

If Petra later asked, she planned to report that the fussy princess was feeling all anxious about her fiancé.

“Greetings, Im the princess maid, Bianca .” She didnt notice it from afar, but when she looked at his back up close, this man had an unusually good physique.

His wide shoulders and slim waist that stretched below him made a perfect inverted triangle.

Even though he was wearing a tailcoat, it was evident that he did not neglect to train any part of his body.

“Ah, Hello.”.He turned around and greeted her.

With his manly, reliable features, and crude voice, he has his own way of being polite.

‘Hes a fine man, so why is the princess making a fuss

While she briefly turned her head, Eckarts dark brown eyes glistened at the sight of her hairpin.

“Uh, is milady from the Levine Family”

“My maternal grandfather is Count Levine… Do you know him”

Eckart looked like he had found an oasis in the desert.

He grabbed Biancas hand and let out an endless stream of praise.

“Of course! I personally quite admire Levines swordsmanship! I was hoping Id get a chance to see him in person while I was in the empire, but I was disappointed that the Count would not participate in the hunt!”

Biancas face brightened.

It had only been ten days since she came to the palace.

Although she was treated with respect in her own estate, in the capital, she was only a common noble lady.

It was not easy to meet someone who admired her family among all the prominent families.

Furthermore, her maternal grandfather once was a famous swordsman, but had now lost fame.

It was not easy to find anyone who recognized them nowadays.

All of a sudden, she felt like wearing this particular hairpin was an excellent choice.

“You know about my grandfathers swordsmanship! My maternal grandfather practiced swordsmanship and spent his whole life sharpening his technique.”

“Oh! It would have been a great honor if I could see it with my own eyes! Did you strain your arms on the cutting down movement There was a similar problem with the Bjern royal familys swordsmanship.”

“Thats right! Weve studied how to train your arm so that it wont get strained.

Maybe it can be applied to all other styles.”

As if they were old friends, the two poured out their opinions on swordsmanship.

He even applauded when Bianca brought up the story of her infamous grandparent.

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