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Chapter 97 - Sleepy Translations

“That goes without saying.

But the rumours caused Dharmayu to disappear completely from the empire for a while.

Do you know who was behind those rumors”

“…It hasn’t been confirmed,” he replied in a constrained voice.

The count already knew what this woman was trying to say.

“But I’m sure you already have suspicions.

Those rumors were made by Luwan Headquarters, where your competitor’s product was sold exclusively.”

The count gritted his teeth.

Of course he knew that.

Although such an act was despicable, it was common between competitors.

Luwan Headquarters, which was backed by the emperor at that time, eventually succeeded in eliminating Dharmayu from the market.

But he wasn’t a man who held grudges for long.

He wasn’t such an idiot who would forsake future interest for shallow things.

“What does that matter now If what you’re saying is true, that only proves how competent Luwan Headquarters is.

Do you think I will be reluctant to work with them in the future because I suffered damage at one point”

“I understand that you value practical interest more than anything else.”

He spoke boldly to sway the woman, but she replied casually.

“Then what are you trying to say Luwan Headquarters discussed the detailed plan for the Dharmayu tea business with me.

It’s a business that can increase popularity in the long run.”

“Of course.

But that was only a discussion.

What if Luwan changes their mind Or what if the business doesn’t do well and Luwan gives up on Dharmayu”

“I just need to add separate conditions on the contract.

In the worst case scenario, if there’s no increase in popularity after the monopoly period is over, then I’ll…”

“Do you think they will let you restart your business once the monopoly period is over They have all the power and reason to stop you.”

A few more drops of sweat formed on the count’s forehead.

The woman mentioned something that didn’t cross his mind.

Did that mean the popularity of the product was not the first priority of those who paid a lot of money to buy it

She continued with a steady tone, “It’s only recently that the Dharmayu tea gained some spotlight.

It’s because Sir Satore Lewis, a knight originating from Ran Island, contributed to the annihilation of the monsters.

The real reason why Luwan showed interest in Dharmayu was because they feel threatened.”

This lady must have been gifted with common sense, or simply well-read about this business.

Either way, he felt pressured by her conviction as time went by.

“…Please continue.”

“If the tea sells well for the next 10 years and the image of Ran Island improves, then you’ll reap benefits.

However, if you look at Luwan’s point of view, this could be a very easy way to eliminate their competitor forever.”

“How so”

“All they need to do is to paint the Dharmayu tea as a useless product in 10 years.

No matter how much Luwan offers to pay for it, it’s not a big sacrifice for them, if you think about the long-term benefits.”

It was an accurate analysis.

The count had forgotten that one of the methods big companies used to get rid of its competitors was to buy the business with a large sum of money and let it go bankrupt.

“Not to mention, if the count gets on the bad side of the imperial family, then Luwan will inflict the most damage to you.

Political interest may be involved in it.”

Everything she said was spot on, making it harder and harder for the count to keep a straight face.

Ran Island was small and had few specialties.

It was a huge loss if the Dharmayu tea got driven out of the market after receiving some money from a big company.

Above all, he, who valued the island’s sovereignty so much, hated the fact that he had to be chained to Luwan for the next 10 years.

Suddenly, he felt scared of the woman in front of him.

She saw through him, gained his interest, and made him doubt his business partner.

Was this her innate talent

Knowing that the woman deliberately presented such an analysis, he could no longer ignore her words.

“But if you have an exclusive contract for five years, as I suggested before, that risk is much lower.

And you can rest assured since there’s no political entanglement.”

The count gently closed his eyes.

She was right.

Above all, she was ready to hand over half of the total payment offered by Luwan immediately.

A favorable contract and an amount of money that no one could reject.

There was nothing to lose no matter how much he thought about it.

Most of all, he got the opportunity to have a deal with this wealthy genius.

As always, he calculated the benefits of accepting or rejecting this woman’s offer.

The answer was crystal clear.

“Lady Eileen Idena.” He opened his eyes and spoke as if he had made up his mind.

A gentle smile came to his lips.

“I still don’t know who you are.

But that’s why I look forward to seeing you.”


He burst into a small laugh and held out his hand.

“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

The two clasped their hands.

He could see the woman’s lips curving behind the black veil.


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