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She was not comfortable reporting her master’s every move to the duchess because she didn’t like hiding things.

However, because the person she was dealing with was the princess’ aunt anyway and she liked what she would get in return, she decided to cooperate.

But a month after she became Apollonia’s exclusive maid, her mind was conflicted.

There was no problem, but it was slightly different from her expectations.

Her master, Apollonia, whom she thought was a  picky and difficult person, was surprisingly kind.

She gave Bianca small tasks that left enough time for her to relax.

She spent the rest of her time reading books or training swords.

Additionally, they didn’t leave her out of conversations.

The other maids like Maya and Adrian kindly taught Bianca and respected her opinion.

Bianca knew well that such a comfortable working environment could not be established without the master’s attentiveness.

‘You have to be the duchess’ proxy, only then you can have a smooth road ahead.’

Even when she tried to remind herself, she couldn’t help but like Apollonia.

And there was a bigger problem.

Prince Eckart, Princess Apollonia’s fiance.

She knew from the moment they first met.

He was Bianca’s ideal type.

He was much taller than her father and brother.

 Broad shoulders, big muscles and a dignified voice exuded a tremendous presence even if he stayed still.

Even at a young age, his beard added a manly charm.

Then there was his passion for martial arts.

He always thought of sword training and ways to build up his body.

Unlike other pretty boys who didn’t even know the difference between the tricep and bicep, he didn’t waste his time learning stuff like music and whatnot.

On the second day she met him, she became Eckart’s training partner thanks to Apollonia’s recommendation.

Of course, he defeated her during their sparring, but was amazed when she showed off her grandfather’s sword techniques.

‘Your posture and resolve are better than mine! If  you were a man, I wouldn’t be able to match you!’

Coincidentally, Apollonia wanted to watch sparring the day before and even invited Bianca’s cousin to become her sparring partner.

As a result, she was able to show off her skills much better than usual in front of Eckart.

It was truly an exhilarating experience.

His warm eyes that constantly admired her every movement seemed to touch her heart.

‘Men and women are beautiful when they train their bodies.’

Eckart always said that out of habit.

For Bianca, who had received knight training at home, but had been told that swords were a hobby that did not suit women, his perspective was as refreshing as rain after a drought.

Bianca tried to pull herself together.

But from one point on, she realized that this secret feeling was mutual.

Eckart’s gaze and gestures truly made her feel special.

What a twist of fate!

Things started to go south.

The esteemed son of Marquis Dante recently visited the palace, but he wasn’t interested in her.

It was because Adrian, who appeared out of nowhere, took him away when the two tried to talk.

Of course, she wasn’t even interested in him.

She was interested when she heard that he was the eldest son of a warrior family, but he looked so thin and pale.

He was exactly to her sister’s taste.

What was the point of having a good-looking face when you had no muscle to show

‘Are those two like each other’

She didn’t want to turn Adrian, who was clever and favored by the princess, into her enemy.

Although she was determined to compete with another woman who took away her suitor, she didn’t want to spend her life with Marquis Dante’s son.

In addition, Apollonia ordered her to make a good impression in front of her fiancé, so she always stuck close to Eckart.

Did she really just need to stand by him But the princess told her to learn Bjern etiquette and put a lot of jewelry on her dresses just because she had to treat her fiancé well.

And each jewel succeeded in catching Eckart’s attention.

‘If you meet a good man, don’t give way to anyone.’

Her father’s words rang in her ears.

Until now, she had always followed her father’s advice.

‘But he’s Her Highness’ fiance’

Bianca shook her head.

She was confident, but not brazen enough to believe that she would succeed in breaking up the Imperial Princess’ marriage.

She made up her mind quickly.

‘At best, I can only be a mistress.

I don’t want that.’

She tried to get her senses together.


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