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And so, while hidden from sight by the closed wagon’s canopy, I borrowed Ciel’s body and merrily sang a song.

I hear the two people on the driver’s seat react in surprise, so they’re probably listening in as well.

「Heh, her voice doesn’t sound bad either.」

「But with how she can sing so happily right now, she just might be weak in the head.」

「That’s fine, being a bit weak in the head.

In the end, she’ll go stupid on the earl’s bed anyways.

「No doubt.

Moreover, she’s a “Dance Princess” too.」

「A Dance Princess’ performance is first-class even in bed.

That rumor, huh.

She’ll definitely be a favorite.

Now, how many days do you think she’ll last」

「You want to bet」

「If you lose, get me the bar’s most expensive drink.

I’m betting on 10 days.」

「No choice.

Then, I’m going with 5.

With that voice of hers, I doubt that the earl would let her rest a day.」

「Tsk, now that you’ve said it, that’s right.

That’s such a waste.

If it was me, I would’ve cared for her for about 10 years.」

Just when I thought they were amazed, I’ve just overheard an amazingly vulgar discussion.

The mere fact that Ciel is listening as well gives me the urge to kill.

What’s worse is that Ciel likely doesn’t understand what they’re talking about.

It’s becoming even more doubtful if I could ever tell her that I was once male.

I ignore their conversation and continue singing, but then the wagon suddenly stops.

Quietly peeking from the gaps in the canopy, I see ugly green midgets — well, they are about the same height as Ciel right now, but still — with worn-out weapons surrounding the caravan.

So this is a monster.

It’s my first time seeing them, but they aren’t really pleasant to look at for extended amounts of time.

The green midgets were immediately eliminated by the wagon’s escorts.

Still, the scene of their black blood flying about was quite shocking for this former Japanese.

After that, we were attacked by a few more monsters.

Since the escorts were getting tired as well, our break started earlier than planned.

Though I said that, we were still left inside the wagon.

From the conversations outside, I can hear them talking about how there are clearly more monsters than usual.

However, that’s natural.

『The monsters are gathering as planned.

     Will it go well as it is』

「It would be best if it would, but it’s probably going to be complicated if a much stronger monster doesn’t approach near.」

The reason the wagon is being attacked more than usual is because of me.

Just as the Song Princess in the past did so, I’m gathering the monsters with my song.

Specifically, I’m gathering every living organism that can hear my voice.

Thanks to that, the caravan probably doesn’t have any problem with the food supplies.

This time, with Ciel’s assistance, the distance my voice can reach is now increased.

It attracts everything indiscriminately, so it’s quite risky for us as well.

But since we want that man to think that we’ve been killed by the monsters, this is our only choice.

If possible, I hope that the coming monster would be strong enough to kill everyone but also leave us be.

And as I continue to sing, I eventually felt a large reaction from my detection magic.

This time, even when I poked my head outside the canopy to see the situation, no one reprimanded me.

Are they in that much trouble

What was directly approaching towards us, while mowing down the trees on its path, was a one-eyed giant nearly twice the size of the escorts.

On its head is a horn, on its hand is a tree carved into roughly the shape of a club, and the color of its skin was of a bluish green.

The escorts, seeing its figure, muttered「Why is that in this kind of place」with a look as though they were witnessing the end of the world.

In the next instant, one of the escorts was crushed by the giant’s club.

With a noise sounding somewhere between a splat and a crunch, a red puddle was born.

The unpleasant smell of blood and organs was scattered in the air.

The other people taking a break scrambled to escape and a few of them died on the way.

The escorts bravely stood against the giant, but as their swords can’t pierce its skin, taking a hit would kill them instantly, and with the battles up until now exhausting them as well, they shortly bloom into flowers of blood.

What should I do It seems that I ended up luring a beast.

It’s no wonder that the Song Princess was killed by the monster she called. Haha.

If I didn’t get distracted by that little trivia, I don’t think I can keep my calm right now.

I’m not afraid of death.

After all, if I get crushed like that, I probably won’t even have time to feel any pain.

But seeing the sight of people getting crushed was not good.

The smell of blood and flesh stimulates my senses; I feel disgust bubbling up from the pit of my stomach, and I vomit out everything.

Just this time, I was grateful that they barely gave us any food.

Still, I can’t keep being distraught.

Outside the canopy, there is an absolute threat that can kill anything in one blow.

All I can do against it is to feel its presence and defend with a barrier.

Singing is…… Difficult to do right now.

I don’t really know how resilient it is, but I can only hope that my barrier can pull through.

I close my eyes and hope at the very least for it to please not notice us, when『Ain, protect me, okay』resounds in my head.

My body suddenly moves on its own.

Taking back the control of the body, Ciel takes a fearless step outside.

It seems that the only people alive right now are us.

The surrounding area is so silent that the clamor from earlier feels like it never even existed.

Immediately, the wagon behind ours let out a huge noise and crumbles apart.

Even though I would’ve ended up shrieking in surprise, Ciel was undaunted still.

It seems like the giant intends to crush every wagon one by one.

If Ciel didn’t move us, our wagon would’ve likely been crushed eventually.

However, because we went outside, the giant noticed us.

Its sole large glaring eye locked on to us.

Considering its speed I felt through detection, it’s not realistic to think of running away.

Still, I also think that fighting it is reckless, but Ciel seems to have chosen to fight.

Ciel resolutely invigorates herself and calmly raises her arms up in a swing of an arc.

She clapped her hands together and a bright red flame followed behind the path of her hands.

From a human’s perspective, the elegance of her movements would have likely enamored the viewer.

However, our lone audience today is but a monster.

It only crudely and inelegantly swings down its raised club.

With a big noise sounding almost like an explosion, a small crater was formed when the ground was smashed.

Ciel dodges with a nimble back-flip and, unlike the giant’s earlier swing; she gracefully swung her arm down and shot the flames dancing in the air.

Her target is its large eye.

And likely knowing so, it simply blocked the flames with its free hand.

It seems that it got slightly burned by it, but that’s all.

Ciel immediately made a new flame dance in the air.

This time, she continuously created more and more flames before releasing them.

As though they had had a will of their own, the flames move to surround the giant and fuses into a single enormous flame, engulfing it.

How would a Dance Princess fight This was something we’ve been imagining for the past few years.

With a sword, Ciel could probably fight in the style of a sword dance.

However, it’s too optimistic to think that we would conveniently have a sword on hand at time of our escape.

So our only method of attack is sorcery.

So what we’ve come up with is our current fighting style, dances that employ the use of combat sorcery.

To begin with, what exactly is dancing After reading many books and documents, we’ve concluded that to dance is to perform with your body and tools, if needed, to fascinate and impress.

Something necessary to fascinate others is precise gesturing.

In this case, a nobleman’s manners could be considered a type of dance.

So, the fact that the Job has great affinity when combined with sorcery is plain to see.

After all, presentational theatrics attracts people’s interest.

Moreover, a Dance Princess can summon rain just by “dancing”.

That’s why we thought that perhaps a Dance Princess can employ the use of sorcery without the need for chants or magic circles.

And though this was unrehearsed, Ciel managed to pull through.

Ciel stares intently at the burning flare.

It was an attack that would’ve definitely killed a regular human.

However, the giant only swung his club to sweep the flames clear.

There are noticeable burns all over its body, but it definitely wasn’t enough to defeat it.

Seeing the giant undefeated, Ciel immediately took distance and shrugged.

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「If that one right now wasn’t enough, we’re in real trouble.」

『Shall we run away If we distract it with magic, we might be able to escape.』

Though she said so, Ciel seemed to be somewhat composed.

Maybe because of that, I was able to keep myself calm enough to suggest her to escape.

「That’s fine too, but you know Ain I’ve noticed something.」

『What is it』

「I’ve danced a lot so far, but I’ve never danced alone like this up until now.

     If possible, I’d like to dance like I always do.」

Ciel looks at me with expectation in her eyes.

Is she asking me to sing My job is the Song Princess.

It’s a job that grants everyone that can hear my voice an enchantment, regardless of them being an enemy or an ally.

But…… It might be worth a try.

Taking a deep breath even just in my mind, I try to calm down as much as possible.

And then, I sing like I always do.

Right now, what Ciel’s attacks lack is pure firepower.

That’s why, to raise her spirits up, I sing an intensely invigorating and explosively powerful song.

There’s no need to rush; right now, I’ll have Ciel dance with passion.

This is one of the most intense songs that I know.

I’m certain that Ciel doesn’t understand what the lyrics mean, but I’m sure she will understand what I’m trying to say.

I’ve sung many songs up until now, but this might be the first time I’ve sung this.

Ciel widens her eyes in surprise, but she immediately flashed a smile.


With her foot, Ciel rhythmically taps the ground twice.

And seemingly answering to it, multiple flames burst forth around her.

They fuse and compress, eventually forming into spheres.

After that, our usual fun time begins.

Matching my song, Ciel begins to dance.

Today’s passionate dance abandons all subtlety.

She furiously moves her arms and legs and her flexible limbs cut through the air like a whip.

Her powerful steps even kicked up clouds of dust and sand, but it didn’t look inelegant even for a bit.

Her blue eyes brim with determination and her pure white hair moves as though it had a will of its own.

The dancing flames soar towards the giant and pierce its body while burning through its skin.

「Guoooooo!」The giant raised a shocked shriek and wildly waves its club to extinguish the flames.

Still, it couldn’t even graze the willfully dancing balls of flame.

It was as though he was being toyed by flaming fairies.

It was just a short while that didn’t even last 5 minutes.

But at the end of Ciel’s dance, the giant’s body was full of holes as it fell.

As her dance ended, the fairies of flame disappeared as well, so it was most likely under the control of “Dance Princess”.

To finish it off, Ciel pierced the giant’s heart.

However, there wasn’t any much bleeding, probably because of the burning flames.

As everything ended and the surroundings fall silent once again, Ciel delightedly giggled with satisfaction.

「As I thought, dancing with Ain is the best.」

『Ciel, were you aware of that』

「If it’s about the “Song Princess”, I just thought that it might work like that.」

Originally, it would have provided enchantments to both enemies and allies alike.

But right now, my voice only reaches Ciel.

That’s likely the reason why my enchantments only affected Ciel and why the Song Princess was able to demonstrate its full potential.

Still, it feels out of place that Ceil, a 10 year old child, was able to one-sidedly annihilate an enemy that easily destroyed the escorts hired by a noble.

Does that just mean that Ciel and I are amazingly compatible with each other

『So my song functioned as Dance Princess’ required stage setting, right』

「I didn’t expect that as well; but it’s just proof that together with Ain, there’s nothing to fear.」

『Frankly, I do think it’s a bit too much.』

「It’s not too much, you know After all, from the day I was born, we’ve been dancing and singing together the whole time.

It’s obvious that we’re compatible.」

Ciel looks at me with a beaming smile.

She’s a lot more lively than usual, but as that’s just appropriate for her age, I answered the very charming Ciel『That’s true』 with a tender voice.

「I’m sure that it was fate that got me to meet Ain.

     So, even after this, would you stay with me, forever and ever」

『I’m the one who should be saying that.

Even after this, please take care of me.』

After all, I also felt like meeting her was destiny.

Though I’ve always been protecting Ciel, in reality, Ciel has always been protecting me as well.

That’s why I’m certain; being able to laugh together right now is our destiny as well.

I’m not sure what will happen to us from now on.

But for now, we step forward to a new day.


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