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After years of not visiting Ciel, Duke Rispelgia finally appeared before us one day.

He seems to have aged as well, but I don’t feel any weakness in his powerful gaze.

Rather than growing old, it feels to me like he just got more refined and as a former man, it’s really enviable.

His stomach hasn’t gotten any bigger as well; so if he keeps silent, he could be described as an attractive middle-aged man.

Yet unfortunately, his gaze directed at Ciel is still ice cold, and just as he arrived, he immediately left the room after only saying「Tomorrow, I’ll be seeing your job.」

Ciel hasn’t uttered a word the whole time.

I assume it’s because Ciel wore a doll-like gaze, but he might have not felt like he was speaking to a real human being as well.

It’s unpleasant, but this means that the opportunity that would finally change everything has arrived.

And this also means that it’s been nearly 10 years since I’ve reincarnated as well.

The orderly and timely life I’ve lived in Japan feels like it was all a lie.

After all, in our life so far, after taking the medicine we were practically free to do whatever we want.

Pondering about the end of this lifestyle, I expected myself to be restless; but I’m surprisingly calmer than I thought I would be.

Ciel seems to feel the same as well and had no problem falling sound asleep.


And now, it’s finally arrived; Ciel’s 10th birthday.

Since Ciel isn’t allowed to leave this room, the mask-faced butler informed us earlier that Duke Rispelgia will come with the tool used to check jobs.

The whole time, Ciel expressionlessly let things run its course.

『Are you nervous』

「Not particularly.

Still, I don’t like the fact that that man is coming here.」

『You’re amazing, Ciel.

I’m so nervous that I feel like I might die.』

「In that case, I guess I can’t switch with Ain right now.

I don’t want our heart to break, after all.」

Giggling so, Ciel has now grown to be quite feminine.

Though her height might be even shorter than average, her chest started to puff up and her whole body is growing more mature.

Especially her expressions, particularly the smile she displays when she’s poking fun at me, is unthinkably sensual for a 10 year old.

However, I do vaguely remember seeing a glimpse of that smile in the past.

I was still fine yesterday, but why am I feeling so nervous now I hate my own cowardice.

At the very least, I would have liked to talk with Ciel to relax myself.

Unfortunately, I felt a nearing presence from my detection.

『It seems like he’s here.』

「How annoying.

But I really shouldn’t say that, right」

『If you’re just saying it, then feel free.

After all, I understand the feeling.』

「After ignoring me all this time, he should’ve just forgotten about me, right」

Sighing with absolute displeasure, Ciel closed her eyes.

And by the time she opened them, the emotion in her eyes have already disappeared.

Before long, the door opens loudly and yesterday’s Duke Rispelgia appears before us once again.

Entering the room, that man’s hands carry a somewhat thick paper-like object and his face is masked with a smile.

If by some chance I first saw him with this smile, I would’ve mistaken him for a good guy.

But now, it only makes him look highly suspicious.

Being a noble, I assume that this smile is his way to hide his emotions.

「Today, your job is decided.

I expect that you understand the meaning of what you have done so far」


「Pour your magic power in this paper.

You do know how to do so, do you」

「I do.」

「Very well, hurry up and go.」

From his majestic voice appeared words that instantly rubbed me off the wrong way.

Is this man just purely talented at angering me I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve almost snapped.

Moreover, as a finishing touch, he threw the paper to the ground to make Ciel pick it up.

In this situation, I hate how little I can do.

If only I could use combat sorcery, I would’ve already burnt him to a crisp.

Ciel expressionlessly picked it up, held it with both her hands and poured in her magic power.

With magic power flowing through it, the paper began to faintly glow and eventually the light from it gently floats into the air.

It began to gradually form something and, when the light has completely stopped, there were letters revealed.

【Cielmer Job: Dance Princess】

It was just a short string of letters, but it had a very big meaning for us.

We won the gamble; I felt like I almost let out a grin.

And as we expected, that man’s face turned grim.

「You’re absolutely useless.」

「My apologies.」

「You think an apology would resolve this You were just playing these past few years.

     For what purpose did you even think I left you alive 」

Seeing Ciel hanging her head in silence, Duke Rispelgia was no longer capable of hiding his emotions and audibly clicked his tongue as he turned his back on us.

That moment, I heard him mutter「Her being something other than a “Song Princess” still leaves some use of her.」

If possible, I wanted him to just tell us to leave and throw us out of the mansion; but it seems like it’s getting a bit complicated.

Anyway, it does seem that he’s lost further interest on Ciel so I’ll consider this good news.

After Duke Rispelgia left the room, and even after confirming that he’s left my detection range, Ciel is still staring at the paper.

『What’s wrong』I asked Ciel.

With eyes brimming with curiosity, she turned her gaze to me.

「Say, I wonder what would happen if Ain did it」

『Won’t it just show the same results』

「But Ain is different from me, right You might even have a job too.」

At the time of escape, we’ll need everything at our disposal.

And since there’s really nothing for me to lose, it won’t hurt for me to try.

So after asking Ciel『Would you lend me your body』I take a look at the thick sheet.

It’s probably the thing called parchment.

I’ve felt it when Ciel was holding it, but its texture has a strange feel to it.

The light has already vanished, likely because Ciel’s magic power has already disappeared from it.

I try pouring magic power into it once again and as before, light danced in the air and formed letters.

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【Ainsel Job: Song Princess】

Seeing a different result from before, I took my eyes off of it for a moment and confirmed it once again.

The written letters aren’t changing.

Against Ciel’s confident「Just as I thought.」 I don’t have anything to answer back; so I just laughed it off saying『It was just as you said, Ciel.』

Returning the body to Ciel, the first thing she said was「We’re Disappointing Princess buddies.」as she delightedly smiled.

I was confused with her words but since she’s so happy about it, I just replied『That’s right.』

Ciel safely becoming a misfortune princess, moreover the target job dance princess, was a godsend, to be honest.

A dance princess is a job that allows the performance of all dances.

Other than dancing for entertainment, it even allows the execution of ritual dances that can achieve feats such as summoning a rain with a rain dance.

Because of that, it’s not as discriminated upon as the song princess.

And since there are also dances, such as the sword dance, which is performed with weapons; it’s not entirely helpless in combat.

However, to pull out the dance princess’ full potential, a suitable stage needs to be set.

Particularly, they absolutely need music.

When fighting monsters, as long as there is music, they have the potential to exhibit equal or even more fighting capacity than the combat jobs.

Still, to begin with, you can’t bring musicians and instruments to a battle.

And even on summoning rain, since a Water Sorcerer and the like can resolve a drought with only sorcery, there aren’t many particular reasons to gather people and prepare a stage.

For these reasons, it’s been touted as a disappointing princess.

However, this exact job was our target.

Even if we can’t use it to the fullest, it has some potential for battle.

Meanwhile, its reputation should be enough to make that man give up on us.

Most of all, I’m certain that Ciel already had a high chance of becoming a dance princess.

After all, Ciel has been dancing to my songs from when she was still a baby.

Lately, her beautiful dances almost make me forget to continue singing my song.

I didn’t expect our daily routine which began from the day she was born to help us this way.

Still, thanks to that, Ciel is now a dance princess that can also use sorcery.

Me being a song princess was an unexpected result, but it’s not really a problem; and depending on the situation, we can use it for our escape.

In the meantime, we probably need to confirm Duke Rispelgia’s next move.

We also thought of hiding the paper used to identify jobs so we can sell it after escaping, but the mask-faced butler took it away not soon after.


A few days later, Duke Rispelgia came before Ciel.

The duke brought with him an untidy pig-like man.

He isn’t any shorter that the duke, but his body is almost twice as wide and his round face was drenched in grease.

Even when I was still in Japan, it was the look of a person that I don’t want to deal with; and now, I don’t even want to see him in my sights.

Is this what people mean by being physically repulsive

The fact that the pig man was looking at Ciel’s body with a sleazy gaze only added to my disgust.

「Is this girl the “Dance Princess”」

「It is.

I took her in, but she can barely use sorcery.

With that, I don’t have any use of her.」

「So you would like to sell her to me」

「You have money on you, don’t you」

「Well I certainly do.

However, with her being of this quality, I’m not quite sure if this is enough…」

As he was flattering the duke, the pig man extends three fingers and took a glance at the duke’s expression.

The duke audibly snorts and scowls at the pig man.

「You’ve brought twice as much, haven’t you I’ll take that price.」

「Well in that case, isn’t twice too much when following the procedure」

「The remaining sum is for my silence.

You won’t say no, would you」

The duke took out a sheet of paper.

Since I can faintly feel magic power from the letters written on it, I assume that it was written using a special ink.

The duke then added something to its contents and handed it to the pig man.

I’m really glad that they think we can’t use much sorcery.

Usually, nobody would think that someone who became a dance princess would actually be well-versed in sorcery.

After receiving the sheet of paper, the man quickly skimmed its contents.

And like the duke, he wrote something on it with a wide smile.

They then placed the paper on the side table, then they both proceeded to take out knives and cut their own fingers.

As the blood from both of them landed on the paper, the written letters begin to light up and rush towards the both of them.

This might be some form of magic.

Using a special ink and paper, they offered magic power and blood to create an unbreakable contract.

「With this, the transaction is complete.

Hurry up and take this away.」

「Then, I shall excuse myself.」

The pig man lowered his head and left the room.

In his place, the mask-faced butler came in and his master immediately juts his chin, as though commanding him something.

The butler immediately approaches Ciel and, just as one would carry heavy luggage, he carried Ciel on his shoulder as he walked out of the room.

Then, after exiting the mansion, he placed Ciel on the back of what seems to be the pig man’s wagon and shackled her limbs.

I immediately felt nostalgia from the touch of the shackles, but it’s not the time for this nonsense.

This whole situation was unexpected; but in short, the Rispelgia household sold Ciel to this pig man.

The duke’s goal is most likely money.

After all, he needs funds for his experiments, so he’s probably using Ciel to compensate for the money he lost on her.

Then, what is this man’s goal I can think of quite a lot.

Will he be reselling her as a slave, using her as a maidservant, or perhaps as a toy

Still, at least he doesn’t seem to have as much power as the duke’s household, so I’m sure that it’ll be easier to escape from him.

Or rather, this might be it.

Depending on the strength of the escorts, we probably have the best situation to execute one of the plans I’ve imagined.

However, it’s going to be risky.

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『Ciel, can you do something about the restraints』

「It’ll take some time, but it’s not a problem.

After all, it doesn’t seem to be the type that seals magic power.

     They’ve underestimated us just because I became a dance princess, right」

Just as Ain planned, Ciel praised me so; but it would have been quite bad if it were the magic sealing ones.

Nonetheless, it turned out well for us.

With this, we’ve broken through our first barrier to freedom.

『I have a way that could help us smoothly escape from this situation, but how should we go

     It’s extremely risky and, in the worst case scenario, might kill us too but……』

「If Ain doesn’t tell me what it is, I can’t really answer, you know」

『That’s true……』

So after hearing my escape plan, Ciel ponders for a bit and gave my plan a go, replying「Let’s try it out.」


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